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  • COVID 19 Vaccination Camp
    Updated On: 8-Jan-2022
  • Taekwondo Yellow Belt Competition
    Updated On: 30-Dec-2022
  • Christmas Fest
    Updated On: 24-Dec-2022
  • The Best Emerging School of the Year
    Updated On: 18-Dec-2022
  • Safety and First Aid in Science
    Updated On: 17-Dec-2022
  • Movie Show
    Updated On: 16-Dec-2022
  • Post Cards
    Updated On: 13-Dec-2022
  • Sarak Suraksha, Jeevan Raksha
    Updated On: 8-Dec-2022
  • The Lens - An Interschool...

    The Lens - An Interschool Competition Certificates

    Updated On: 22-Sep-2020

  • The Lens - An Interschool...

    Pratyush Grade 10A

    Updated On: 22-Sep-2020

  • The Lens - An Interschool...

    Pranav Singh Grade  10-A

    Updated On: 22-Sep-2020

  • World Nature Conservation...

    World Nature Conservation Day

    Updated On: 28-Jul-2020

  • World Nature Conservation...

    World Nature Conservation Day

    Updated On: 28-Jul-2020

  • Online Art Competition

    Aadya  Sharma  PG-A

    Updated On: 9-Apr-2020

  • Online Art Competition

    Mohammed Hamd  PG-A

    Updated On: 9-Apr-2020

  • Online Art Competition

    Shreyansh Singh Raj  PG-A

    Updated On: 9-Apr-2020

  • Online Art Competition

    Shashwat Gautam  Nur-A

    Updated On: 9-Apr-2020

  • Online Art Competition

    Om Shri Verma   Nur-A

    Updated On: 9-Apr-2020

  • Online Art Competition

    Aarav Nur-A

    Updated On: 9-Apr-2020

  • Online Art Competition

    Narayani Tiwari  Prep-A

    Updated On: 9-Apr-2020

  • Brainiac Olympiad

    Brainiac Olympiad Pre-Primary City topper Prisha...

    Updated On: 28-Feb-2020

  • CBSE National Science...

    Faraz Nasim Kidwai and Pratyush Yadav of Grade 9...

    Updated On: 3-Feb-2020

  • Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020

    Students of Allenhouse Public School appreciated...

    Updated On: 24-Dec-2019

Kids' Corner
Parents Feedback
  • This is Akshaj mother.... Ma'am when this online classes started we were worried how small children will cope up as it is a new concept but today I want to thank u to connect our children to E learning and giving best study materials to us special thanks to NIKITA MA'AM the way you explain it's very nice....I appreciate your efforts . Thank you soo much

    Akshaj Mishra Prep-B

  • This is a grt effort to build a strong partnership between parents and teachers. Thank you so much ma'am for all the efforts u r putting for our kid's development. Your patience and commitment towards our child's improvement is really commendable. The PTM meeting was really good n fruitful.. It was a nice forum.

    Abhyuday Mishra Prep-B

  • The online classes are an innovative way to keep the learning going on. Due to your hard efforts my child is getting education in a safe and comfortable environment at home .Your continous efforts to make study more interesting is really appreciable.I especially like to mention hema maam's make-up skill for making the class impressive .Nikitha ma'am's expertise in teaching has put our mind to ease. It is clear that my child's literacy skill has developed considerably while under your care.I am so grateful to have you as Samrah's class teacher. A big thanks to you for inspiring my daughter.

    Samrah Shahid Prep-B

  • Very good teacher and really helpful my daughter has learnt a lot of things. I am very happy with school teacher and staff. Thank you for helping my daughter to improve her learning and her confidence. Great school my child loves it And specially thanks for class teacher mam .

    Priyanshi Yadav Prep-B

  • Thank you mam for supporting and teaching my son atharva. Your expertise in teaching has put our minds at ease. We are so grateful to have you as our child’s teacher.”

    Atharva Mishra Prep-A

  • It's your effort that is improving my child . Thank you

    Vanika Yadav Prep-A

  • Thank you very much for being such a good teacher to my child. As a parent, I know my child learn and grow in gradually. As a parent we are very happy of learning methology of Allen House Public School.

    Avani singh Prep-A

  • All teacher behave and personal conduct with Master sarthak Yadav present is very good All are performing his professionalism with honesty and loyality I hope all respected teacher will do better in commencing years and make bright future of Student

    Sarthak Yadav Prep-A

  • Teachers require so many positive qualities like care, compassion, patience and commitment. You have all these qualities, Thank you mam

    Adyant Upadyay Prep-A

  • We are very happy to see our daughter(Aditi) progress. Online classes are been taken at a very excellent level by you mam. The way you teach small students is very appreciable.we are very happy with everything and feel lucky to have you as our daughter Class Teacher Thank You

    Aditi spencer Prep-A

  • I appreciate and congrats teachers and the school for this lovely moment, I feel very proud to see my child's result. Teachers are very helpful and understanding.. I believe my child's future will become very bright to learn in your school. Thanks to teachers and Allenhouse.

    Aarush Awasthi Nur

  • Thank you ma'am for supporting and guidance...I hope that with your hard work and my support, I try to do better

    Aditi Patel Nur

  • Kashvi is saying u r a best teacher and cooperative and from my side u r all best and excellent teachers Thank you

    Kashvi Pandey Nur

  • Dear Teacher, Thank you for all your efforts, like the way you were focusing on each and every kid. Communication is also proper and understanding. Appreciate

    Shishta Pandey Nur

  • Allen House Public School is Such a great school It provides good co-currical activities and great opportunities for students. My ward had learnt many good skills from this school and of course from his class teacher. Avighna is very glad to have his class teacher Chandani Mam. She is very polite towards students.

    Avighna Srivastava PG

  • No issues, online classes are good & helpful, shreyansh needs extra care & attention, he is a quick learner. Can do better, he is not listening to anyone quickly the reason he tries to get more attention towards him.

    Shreyansh PG

  • Respected ma'am I am very much thankful to the class teacher and the entire team of Allen house for the holistic development of my child as I have witnessed tremendous change from speaking to communication of my child. She is able to comprehend with the things and this is all possible with your joint efforts. Once again thank you very much.

    Lakshita Singh PG

  • Thank you ma'am for your teaching method my child has learnt a lot but ma'am he is not able to do so much of written work. It would be really appreciable if this point is considered. Thank You

    Mohammad Hamd PG

  • Teachers are doing very well in this period and students also doing good. Thank you

    Aadya Sharma PG

  • It was nice to get the progress assessment & admiration from u ma'am. They are learning a lot from online classes & We get a direction to move on. Thank you One request : whatever is done in class. Plz send in a bit detail, coz when I teach her... Sometimes she & her grandparents are not able to remember the things.. Like in General awareness... Wat has been taught, traffic light or animal House or flower name

    Adrija PG

  • Thank you so much ma'am ?? I really appreciate your great effort s and support Every teacher work hard really it was a nice ptm thank you

    Avisha Srivastava PG

  • "Token of Appreciation" School is a place where everyone gets the first lessons of their life. Children's knows about what is right and what is wrong. They learn how to overcome the challenges . In this Pandemics despite of so many challenges "Allen house Came out like a true "alma mater" for persuading the studies in structured way .. I would like to appreciate the efforts of Allen house school for conducting online classes for kids. They adopted the digital platform so quick and make it so easy for kids to handle. I would like to appreciate the efforts of teachers for their support and Adoptions of online teaching methodology and their engagement with kids from morning to night. Every time they are very prompt regarding kids queries. We feel that they stretched their efforts twice the normal time. I sincerely thanks all who puts their efforts to make it success!!!

    Rashmi Chand m/o Meenal Chand Grade 4A

  • I Rashmi Srivastava mother of Akshita Srivastava of class 1B would like to being to your kind notice that I am happy and well satisfied with the online classes being conducted by the school. These online classes have continued the studies during lockdown very easily and there is no full stop in learning of my kid.

    Rashmi Srivastava m/o Akshita Srivastava 1A

  • Online classes are very helpful and it is providing a great learning platform during this tough times, but it cannot replace classroom learning. There are few suggestions like. For computer classes , class should be interactive one so that student become more active and attentive. For yoga class, my son like yoga class very much the class should be taken at least thrice a week. Regarding holiday work, my son has put lot of hard work to complete the assignment and was submitted on time, but few teacher have not given any comment or remarks on it.